Vertical Turbine

SpiroConnect® is the first spirometer that uses vertical turbine technology. This revolutionary technique, in combination with a specially developed antistatic plastic, guarantees an absolute minimum of friction.
This allows SpiroConnect to measure a correct reading, even at the smallest of flows (down to 0.025L/s!).

horizontale turbine

Horizontal turbine

The classic turbine spirometers with horizontal turbine have 2 pivot points that roll in around a conical V jewell.

verticale turbine

Vertical Turbine

With SpiroConnect's vertical turbine the pivot rotates on a single point of contact, which produces less friction.

The video shows the turbine is still spinning at a very low flow of 1.39L/min (0.023L/s).
When switching the turbine to a horizontal position, the turbine stops spinning.

Wireless Spirometry

SpiroConnect gets rid of cables once and for all! The spirometer connects wirelessly to a PC or tablet through Bluetooth.

A preconfigured wireless USB-Bluetooth dongle is delivered with the device. The spirometer does not need to be paired to the computer.


The extremely user-friendly SpiroConnect DataManager allows to perform a spirometry in real-time on the screen of the PC. SpiroConnect connects wirelessly to the computer.

The software can be linked to the Electronic Medical Record and is compatible with the WiPaM telemedicine platform.

SpiroConnect Datamanager supports network connection out of the box: all the computers in the network can use the same central database.

Integrated incentive spirometry allows even young children to perform a perfect test.

One click PDF export is included.

The software includes the latest predicted values (GLI Quanjer) and is available in English, French and Dutch.

Mobile app

SpiroConnect also works on mobile Android devices. The spirometer can be switched from PC to mobile and back very easily.
This way your smartphone or tablet is transformed to a fully functional diagnostic spirometry work-station.

The mobile spirometry app allows to perform a full FVC test with real-time visualisation of the flow-volume loop and the possibility to perform post-bronchodilatator tests.

It is also possible to send patient data from the PC software to the mobile application and to easily syncronize spirometry results from the mobile app with the PC software.

mobile spirometry app


Turbine spirometers have been a standard in spirometry for over 30 years because of their ease of use and precision. SpiroConnect raises the bar with its patented vertically placed turbine technology. The vertical turbine produces less friction on the pivot points which allows unprecedented precision at low flows. Moreover an advanced antistatic synthetic material is used which reduces friction and increases accuracy even more.

SpiroConnect responds completely to the:

  • ATS/ERS Task Force Standardisation of Spirometry: 2005
  • ISO 26782:2009 Spirometry
  • British Thoracic Society NICE guidelines for management of COPD and Asthma

The flow-volume loop is shown in real-time in the software during expiration, allowing an immediate feedback to patient and examiner during the test.

SpiroConnect is connected wirelessly to the computer with the included USB-Bluetooth adapter.

SpiroConnect follows the latest ATS/ERS specifications and is extremely stable, reliable and accurate at every flow.

The spirometer is delivered with a handy soft carry bag, a Bluetooth-USB dongle, software and nose clip.

Sensor Type Bidirectional, high sensitive vertical turbine
Parameters VC, FEV0.75, FEV1, FEV3, FEV6, FVC, PEF, FEF25 (MEF75), FEF50 (MEF50), FEF75 (MEF25), FEF25-75 (MMEF), FIV1, FIVC, PIF, FIF25 (MIF75), FIF50 (MIF50), FIF75 (MIF25), MET25-75, FET, EVC, IVC, IC, VT (TV), Ti, Te, IRV, ERV, Vext, FEV0.75/VC, FEV0.75/FVC, FEV1/VC, FEV1/FVC, (FER) , FEV3/VC, FEV3/FVC, FEV0.75/FEV6, FEV1/FEV6, FEF50/VC, FEF50/FVC, MMEF/FVC (FEF25-75/FVC) , FIV1/FIVC (FIR), R50 (FEF50/FIF50), Ti/Ttot, VT/Ti (TV/Ti)
Accuracy According ATS recommendations, To ATS recommendations, Standardisation of Spirometry 2004 Update for flows and volumes
Sensitivity Better than 0.025L/s
Power Supply 2 x AA size Alkaline primary cells
Operating current 120 mA peak
Battery life More than 500 measurement cycles
Dimensions 55mm (W) x 100mm (D) x 110mm (H)
(including batteries)
200 g
Operating Conditions 0-40°C
15% - 95% RH, non-condensing
Transport and Storage Conditions -20 - 70°C
15% - 95% RH, non-condensing
Flow Range 0 - 15 L/s
Volume Range 0 - 8 L
PC Software Requirements PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 of 10 (desktop version)
1 GHz processor
100Mb free space
1024 x 768 screen resolution
USB 2.0 port for Bluetooth adapter
Mobile app requirements Android version 4.2 or higher

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